Local events but with international character

Two partners, leading companies in the organization of international events, which join forces to develop a list of leading events in Cuba

Grupo Empresarial Palco Leading organization in trade fairs and exhibitions in Cuba

Congresos ferias exposiciones

PABEXPO's fairground belongs to Grupo Palco, has over 25 years of history and is the leading institution in the trade fair and exhibition market in Cuba .

It has 4 heated rooms with a net exhibition area of over 6000 m2 and 2 parking areas for more than 100 vehicles. Also it has a coffee shop and several snack bars, offices and multi-purpose meeting rooms.

PABEXPO is located 15 minutes from downtown Havana in one of the most important residential areas of the capital of Cuba. The enclosure internal infrastructure and its specialized personnel ensure the provision of high quality professional services designed to meet the customer's demand. This contributes to Cuba's growing development of trade bonds with foreign companies and countries and among domestic companies.


Fira de BarcelonaA benchmark exhibition company in Europe

Fira Barcelona

Based in Barcelona, Fira de Barcelona has a network of international agents in over 45 countries to open markets and different industries supporting its growth and international expansion.

Fira de Barcelona is one of the largest trade fair institutions in Europe and a leader in industrial and professional exhibitions held in Spain. It has a portfolio of over 70 trade fairs of varying frequency, and in addition to hosting conferences and other activities, it brings together 30,000 direct and represented companies and receives over 2 million visitors from more than 200 countries.

The institution has about 400,000 m2 of gross exhibition space, one of the largest in Europe, distributed in two enclosures: Montjuïc and Gran Via. Its contribution to the economy of the city and its surroundings is estimated at 2,500 million euros and its international prestige is closely linked to the brand Barcelona, a city with over a century tradition in exhibitions.




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